Walk through metal detector & Knife arch rental.

Bee Safer, knife crime prevention planning, walk through metal detectors and portable airport style security search lanes.

Bee Safer Knife detectors limited, offer the latest technology in portable walk through metal detector and security knife arch for use indoor and outdoors. The airport style, security search lane is the number one tool for defence, against gangland knife crime & U.K terrorism on private and public property. These are critical services delivered at pop-up request across the United Kingdom as temporary or for permanent installation.

The Bee Safer portable metal detector’s and walk through knife arches are fully water proof and can be used indoor or outdoor. When used inconjuction with Bee Safer SIA security search staff, all ferocious metal objects including concealed weapons are mitigated by 100%.

Delivering complete venue safety from all weapon system attacks including U.K based terrorism and gangland knife crime. Bee Safer provide bespoke services perfectly aligned to suit any request including equipment only rental packages and equipment with male and female SIA security search staff.

The Bee Safer walk through metal detector and security Knife Arch is the No1. Defence system against Gangland knife Crime & U.K terrorism on private and public premises.

When the sensitive frequency settings are selected the detectors can identify the smallest of metal objects, allowing full inspection to take place by SIA Security search teams. When lower frequencies are selection the detectors allow everyday objects like metal clothes buttons, keys, mobile phones, to pass freely but detecting offensive weapons including fire arms and kitchen knives.

Delivering advanced SIA access control measures, reducing the risk of weapon and ferocious bladed attacks on both private and public premises.