Counter Terrorism & Behavioural Detection.

Choosing the right equipment also has a great impact. If the detection equipment at the venue entrance has a low throughput, customers can become frustrated at having to queue and this static group of people can also present a target to terrorists. High-throughput screening requires a blend of the latest technology including CCTV, body-worn cameras and facial recognition working in conjunction with advanced machine-learning for automated threat detection.

Effectively blending the use of equipment with trained security officers is key to spotting threats and managing situations calmly. For instance, when incorporated into your existing security measures, behavioural detection is a powerful tool that can be implemented in a range of environments.

People with hostile intent may exhibit overt cues which properly trained staff will recognise. However, this situational awareness also allows them to provide other assistance to your visitors. For instance, people behaving unusually compared to others around them may be because they are lost or need help for other reasons. This all ensures that security screening supports the overall aim of putting on a safe and successful event.