Bee Safer Knife Detectors ltd

The Bee Safer management team pride them selves on being former Special Forces and former Government trained personnel. Utilising specialist skills and perfectly aligning them with todays current and forever evolving threat. Bee Safer knife detectors limited provide SIA licensed security services including door supervisors and advanced search teams.


  1. Walk through metal detector installation
  2. Outdoor, pop up Knife arch rental
  3. Venue Knife Crime prevention planning
  4. SIA Security advanced search lanes
  5. SIA Door supervisors
  6. U.K Event Risk management

Bee Safer Knife Detectors limited provide walk through metal detectors and outdoor knife arch security services to nightclubs, festivals, pubs and public spaces across the united Kingdom. Bee Safer Knife detectors limited use advanced SIA security search teams and government style knife arches, delivering pop up airport stlye securirty search lanes, available now as pop up service anywhere in the United Kingdom. Detection of all forms of ferocious metal objects including kitchen knives, sharp bladed instruments, key-ring knives, concelaed fire arms and improvised explosive devices (IED).

U.K statistics show that Knife crime rose by up to 50 per cent in rural areas in the past year as violence spread from cities, fuelled by county lines drug gangs, official figures show. Suffolk, Norfolk, North Yorkshire, Derbyshire, Kent, Lancashire and Dyfed-Powys saw some of the biggest rises as knife crime overall in England and Wales rose by eight per cent to 43,516 offences, its highest since records began eight years ago. Liverpool and Manchester have also had their fair share of serious incidents. With the country plunged into recession during the Covid-19 / Corona virus outbreak knife crime is expected to rise along with serious organised crime.

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