Hire Portable Walk Through Metal Detector & Pop up Security Knife Arch screening equipment.

A venue’s security screening staff are often the first engagement a member of the public has with the team on site. Ensuring these staff are friendly and welcoming, while also being diligent in their screening, reduces tension and contributes to maintaining a safe environment for your event.

Operated by our trained staff, the Knife Arch and walk through metal detector search lane delivers a complete screening process, preventing various weapon system attacks including acts of terrorism and gangland knife crime.

The walk through Metal Detector is a highly effective counter messure used widely across the United Kingdom at Warehouses, Corporate events, School Buildings, Major dance or sporting events and public gatherings.

For more information on hiring a portable knife arch or permanatly fixed walk through metal detectors and SIA protective security services you can contact Bee Safer directly: security@beesafer.co.uk