Consultancy & Risk management

Analysing the risk in order to mitigate the threat using a cost effective security plan.

Delivering cost effective risk management plans to a wide range of clientele based in the United Kingdom. By conducting detailed site surveys and security reviews, Bee Safer consultabts deliver accurate and cost-effective recommendation’s for managing today’s national and interantional threats and direct risk’s to a wide range of clientelle and venues including government buildings, schools, banks, shops, bars, events and festivals.

The Security industry Authority or (SIA), is responsible for issuing the learning objectives to all training providers prior to SIA licensing.

At Bee Safer Security Solutions, our staff receive continuation training after SIA licensing, prior and during deployment, Bee Safer continuation training includes the following subjects


Knife Crime Awareness (Certificated)

Counter Terrorism Awareness (Certificated)

Knife Arch & Walk Through Metal Detection training

First Aid – Bleeding control

Covid Secure Risk Management

At Bee Safer Knife we understand the importance of balance, between security and professional etiquette, perfectly aligning the security approach in order to meet all of our clients expectations. Understanding that every business and every venue is unique, with each and every assignment requiring its own standard operational procedures.

Bee Safer Security Solutions.

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