Providing strategic knife crime prevention planning at schools, banks, government buildings, private and public venues. Installing walk through metal detectors and portable airport style security search lanes for temporary or permanent use.

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We offer the latest technology in portable walk through metal detector and security knife arch services for use indoor and outdoors.

The pop up airport style security search lane is the number one tool for defence, against gangland knife crime & U.K terrorism on private and public property.

Critical services delivered at request across the United Kingdom as temporary or for permanent installation, we can deploy anywhere in the United Kingdom with 24-48 hours notice

Bee Safer deliver venue safety from all weapon system attacks including U.K based terrorism and gangland knife crime. Bee Safer provide bespoke services perfectly aligned to suit any request including equipment only rental packages and equipment rental with Male and Female qualified SIA security search staff.

Bee Safer walk through metal detectors provide the No1. Defense system against Gangland knife Crime & U.K terrorism on private and public premises.

Contact us to find the best solution for your business, our consultants are on hand to assist you by providing the professional recommendations 24/7.

Delivering advanced SIA access control measures, reducing the risk of firearm and ferocious bladed attacks on both private and public premises.

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